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Math/R package fix

There seems to be a problem with the math/R package that has lingered unnoticed for almost 4 years.  This has to do with the definitions that end up in the Makeconf file as a result of running configure, which is derived from, which is patched by pkgsrc.  I believe that Makeconf is only used if R packages try to compile something, something that almost none apparently do, so the bug has remained hidden.  I am trying to make the R-nimble package work and it does compile things so the bug has emerged.

The problem is in the flags used when an R package tries to link a shared library.  Currently, the flags include -Wl,-R/path/to/somewhere, which cannot ever work to my knowledge (it should have had a comma after the -R).  However, -R is not recognized on Darwin, so I believe it should be -rpath instead.

I think we should update our patch file, which is the source of this flag, as indicated in the patch below.  It seems that there is currently some fuzz so the patch changes a bunch of line numbers.  However, the critical change is around previous line 290, current line 311, early in the patch.

I think this affects no existing packages, because the original flags could never work anyway.  However, I would appreciate input.

Thanks a lot.


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