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Re: Failure message when inconsistent X11_TYPE

On 7/21/21 5:59 PM, Edgar Fuß wrote:
I am somewhat sympathetic, but I really don't see X11 as different from
any other large dependency that some people don't like.
X11 doesn't make any sense on a headless machine or one without a graphical

Well, it does, for X clients.

OTOH, -x11 will severely cut down on bloat, and on server installations I more and more find that preferable over the comfort of a graphics client.

However (on NetBSD), if you leave X11_TYPE=native and don't install the
sets, I think we are in the situation where things that try to use X11
That would be OK.

Better than "accidentally" pulling in umpteen packages for "technical correctness", yes.


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