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Re: Failure message when inconsistent X11_TYPE

Frédéric Fauberteau <> writes:

> Actually, there are several forloops to test the tools. If I am
> correct the precedences ensure that only X11-related tools are tested
> for the existence of the file. I don't think there is a significant
> impact on runtime performance.

That's good to hear; I was really unclear on what was happening already.

>> Which I think brings me back to your original suggestion, which is to
>> just check for the set file in
> After reflection, I have the feeling that my previous suggestions were
> sort of hacks because it was only for NetBSD and only in the case
> where the mtree for X11 files is /etc/mtree/set.xbase. What happens if
> this file is renamed in future? If someone manually copy X11R7
> directory without copying mtree file? If pkgsrc can handle native X11
> of FreeBSD/OpenBSD?

I think this is really the point.  pkgsrc assumes that tthe base system
has been installed corrrectly and is not damaged.  So I don't think we
really need to support systems wwhere people have done arbitrary
incorrect things.

But I don't have a big problem with your patch.

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