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Re: Failure message when inconsistent X11_TYPE

Le 17/07/2021 à 23:45, Thomas Mueller a écrit :
> Excerpt from Frédéric Fauberteau:
>> After reflection, I have the feeling that my previous suggestions were sort of
>> hacks because it was only for NetBSD and only in the case where the mtree for
>> X11 files is /etc/mtree/set.xbase. What happens if this file is renamed in
>> future? If someone manually copy X11R7 directory without copying mtree file?
>> If pkgsrc can handle native X11 of FreeBSD/OpenBSD?
> What do you mean by native X11 of FreeBSD/OpenBSD?
> OpenBSD has, as far as I know, Xenocara.  Does that count as native X11?
> FreeBSD has no X11 in base system, X has to be installed from ports.
> Tom
You answer my last question. I had not looked but X11_TYPE is set to native in mk/plaform/ Actually, pkgsrc handles native X11 for a lot of systemsIt therefore seems more relevant to me to add test in a unique place (mk/tools/ instead of patching each mk/platform/${OS}.mk.

Thanks for these informations Tom.

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