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Re: Versioning unversioned packages

> The issue I thought we were discussing is when upstream has not made
> available a tarball with a version number -- but that we think we should
> use some sha1/date/svn-rev instead from their VCS.  That can be either
> because they have not yet made a release, or because a release is long
> overdue.

> I see those two situations as very similar and would like us to be 
> consistent about it.

So, what's wrong with <last release>pre<date/SVN revision> (where 
<last release> is "0" in case there is no such thing)?

The only catch is if upstream suddenly decides to make a release (in the sense of offering a versioned distfile) containing "pre". But whichever XYZ we use, they could release a file containing just that XYZ.

> That is messy when there has been none, as there could be a "0".
You mean if fooproject has never ever made available a versioned distfile 
and then they decide their first official release is fooproject-0.tgz?
OK, we can use "" for "0" then. Until the release of barproject-.tgz.

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