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Re: Versioning unversioned packages


From: Gavan Fantom <>, Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 13:13:07 +0100

> Hi folks,
> Occasionally we have packages which are not derived from a specific
> release upstream. Sometimes because the last release was a long time
> ago and a newer, unreleased, version is needed to do anything useful,
> and sometimes because upstream simply hasn't ever made releases and
> just expects people to use the latest version from github.
> But in pkgsrc we need a version number for every package. How do we
> derive this version number in the case of packages where the author
> has not supplied a version number, and we are just stating a revision
> in github or similar?
> Do we:
> * Make up a version number such as pkgname-0.0
>   - In this case there is the potential that it will clash with a version
>   - released by upstream in the future.
>   - This may be a bit easier when a previous version has been released,
>   - but we need something newer even than that. Perhaps then pkgname-1.2b
>   - and hope that the next official release will be pkgname-1.3.
> * Use the date of the last checkin, such as pkgname-20160610
>   - What do we then do if upstream makes a formal release? How will
>   - version comparisons be affected if we switch from this format to
>   - pkgname-1.0?
> * Something else?

I prefer "pre" or "rc" described in pkgsrc/mk/help/ .
For example, 0pre20160618.

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