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Re: Versioning unversioned packages

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> I don't like "pre" or "rc", as they are often used by upstream programs.
> Can you give me an example for "pre" being used by upstream?

There are a lot.  From my distfiles directories:


(I did a bulk fetch of wip at some point so there are some odd things here.)

As far as I can tell, pre is more or less like alpha, beta, rc except
that it doesn't mean any of those -- just that it is leading to release.

>> Also, pre and rc tend to mean that foo-2.1pre1 is actually before foo-2.1.
> That's true, yes.
>> So I suggest "ur" to mean "unreleased", and to add it as a separator
>> token, with the rule that a version is
> Isn't that exactly what "pre" means?

First we have to define "released".  There are two meanings.  One is
when upstream considers something a proper release.  The more important
one for pkgsrc is when upstream makes available a distfile with a
version number.

It is really upstream having a tarball with a version number that
matters.  For example, if we were to packaage links-1.00pre20.tar.gz, it
has a version number and there is no problem (other than the issue of
whether users are better served with that vs. 0.99 release).

The issue I thought we were discussing is when upstream has not made
available a tarball with a version number -- but that we think we should
use some sha1/date/svn-rev instead from their VCS.  That can be either
because they have not yet made a release, or because a release is long
overdue.  I see those two situations as very similar and would like us
to be consistent about it.

I see the "ur" tag (or whatever it is) as a way to say that this version
does not correspond to an upstream tarball, and is instead a snapshot
From a VCS.  But versions like this have to sort properly with real

In general, we don't know what the next version is going to be.  So I
think we need something that is after a previous version.  That is messy
when there has been none, as there could be a "0".

For upstreams that have never had a release, we could just use
"ur20160610" as the version, and declare that any version sorts after
the empty version (in our pkgsrc-local version comparison code).

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