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Versioning unversioned packages

Hi folks,

Occasionally we have packages which are not derived from a specific release upstream. Sometimes because the last release was a long time ago and a newer, unreleased, version is needed to do anything useful, and sometimes because upstream simply hasn't ever made releases and just expects people to use the latest version from github.

But in pkgsrc we need a version number for every package. How do we derive this version number in the case of packages where the author has not supplied a version number, and we are just stating a revision in github or similar?

Do we:

* Make up a version number such as pkgname-0.0
- In this case there is the potential that it will clash with a version released by upstream in the future. - This may be a bit easier when a previous version has been released, but we need something newer even than that. Perhaps then pkgname-1.2b and hope that the next official release will be pkgname-1.3.

* Use the date of the last checkin, such as pkgname-20160610
- What do we then do if upstream makes a formal release? How will version comparisons be affected if we switch from this format to pkgname-1.0?

* Something else?

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