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Re: Versioning unversioned packages

Marc Espie <> writes:

> It's documented in packages-specs, basically, for upstream, we do
> dot matches (dewey notation) plus the following suffixes:
> rc[N], beta[N], pre[N], pl[N].
> beta is oldest (before the release), pre and rc are more or less synonymous
> (and also come before the release), pl comes *after* the release.

That sounds right to me, and I think what pkgsrc does.  This is about
sorting versions that other people use.

> The OpenBSD package system proper makes use of REVISION, and EPOCH, these
> are encoded as p[N]v[N] (possibly empty).
> - p[N] is used for patches.

This seems like PKGREVISION, to indicate a change in the package where
the upstream version has not changed.

> - v[n] is the infamous EPOCH, which basically resets *everything else*, e.g.,
> anything v1  is more recent than anything v0  which is more recent than
> anything without an EPOCH marker.

This seems like a way to cope with version numbers seeming to go backwards.

> Whatever you change in NetBSD, please consider not reinventing something
> different.   We haven't found a need to deviate from that scheme since 2010.

How do you deal with unreleased versions, both before the first release,
and after some released version?

> The only slightly annoying part is EPOCH: once set, it can never ever be
> reset... not really such a big bother in real life.

How often does EPOCH get used?

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