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Re: Versioning unversioned packages

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>> > I prefer "pre" or "rc" described in pkgsrc/mk/help/ .
>> > For example, 0pre20160618.
>> Wow, this idea is so simple and effective that I'd like to document it
>> as the "official way" in the pkgsrc guide.
>> Any objections?
> I like it, but one thing to be aware of is that it doesn't support the
> "foo>=0" style of DEPENDS as used by quite a few packages.

I don't follow.  It seems clear that the version has to incorporate the
previous actual release, so that packages with

  previous release
  various unreleased versions
  future release when it comes

will sort with our version-comparison rules.  So "0" doesn't work for
the main version, except maybe for upstreams that have never had a

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