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Re: write alignment matters?

On Jun 25, 2011, at 10:29 AM, Robert Elz wrote:

>    ...
> I suppose that's true in theory, just as we don't know that the next
> such device might not have 739 byte sectors, or rotate backwards, or ...
> However, in the real world, the manufacturers don't make products that
> they can't sell, and people don't buy products that don't work (or not
> very many of them), so anything that you're (likely to) buy is almost
> certainly going to be reasonably compatible with what has gone before,
> if perhaps not as efficient that way (which is why all the modern bigger
> sector drives still pretend to have 512 byte sectors of course).

Are you talking about the upcoming 4k sector size drives?  Some have 512 byte 
sector emulation, at a cost in performance, and some do not.

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