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Re: write alignment matters?

>> It does, however, appear to have something to do with the hardware
>> [...]
> It's most likely the controller hardware (or firmware).  The driver
> doesn't seem at all interested in the data alignment, and I don't
> recall other parts of the I/O stack caring.

That sounds reasonable.

> To verify you should test your program against some other (preferably
> not emulated) disk controller.

I think I have an add-in card that also shows up as esiop.  That could
help me tell whether it's the hardware or something weird in the

Actually, I got the machine from a friend-of-a-friend who was a pretty
hardcore SCSI geek in a former life (he now repairs organs, the musical
kind).  He would probably be the right person to ask about this; it's
not totally implausible he might even have source to the firmware (I
doubt he could release it to me if so, but he could look at it).

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