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Re: Address of second TMSCP controller

Den 2021-01-26 kl. 15:56, skrev David Brownlee:
On Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 14:31, Anders Magnusson <ragge%tethuvudet.se@localhost> wrote:
Den 2021-01-26 kl. 15:12, skrev David Brownlee:
If you're looking for a possibly interesting benchmark to run, you
could build a distribution with NOPIC defined and compare how long it
takes to boot (binaries will be bigger, but you lose the dynamic
linking overhead which I think is quite high on NetBSD/vax)
Note that compiling the NetBSD 1.2 distribution on an 11/780 took 11
days (and two additional days to gzip).
Thinking of the speed of a MV2 and the size of NetBSD today it might be
finished this time next year :-)

Actually, it's not only NetBSD that is slow.  Even compiling a 4.3BSD
kernel on an 11/750 took a full day (around 6 hours IIRC).
Ahh - cross-build... cross-build! a distribution... :-p
At that time cross-building 2BSD on vax was a nice thing to do :-)

-- R

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