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Re: Bountysource campaign for gcc-vax

Hi John,

 My copy of my most recent reply to you was lost in the linux-mips.org 
failure, which happened the week before last and prompted me to switch my 
e-mail address.  I remembered however I promised you the figures from an 
unattended VAX/NetBSD GCC test run scheduled with extended timeout, which 
was still running at the time of the failure.  I thought this might be of 
interest to other people as well, so cc-ing the list on this occasion.

 Sadly the timeout of 7200 seconds turned out insufficient in the presence 
of runaway tests cases that never completed.  These were the test cases 
that timed out regardless, but eventually did run to completion:

FAIL: 27_io/basic_istream/ignore/char/94749.cc execution test
FAIL: 27_io/basic_istream/ignore/wchar_t/94749.cc execution test

and therefore would require a higher timeout to complete, whether 
successfully or not.  These have genuinely hung:

FAIL: 20_util/hash/chi2_q_uniform_random.cc execution test
FAIL: 30_threads/barrier/arrive.cc execution test
FAIL: 30_threads/barrier/arrive_and_drop.cc execution test
FAIL: 30_threads/barrier/arrive_and_wait.cc execution test
FAIL: 30_threads/barrier/completion.cc execution test

beating on the CPU and consuming its full power:

 8666 ?   Rl   1513:06.00 /scratch/vol0/vax-netbsd-upstream/obj/gcc/vax-netbsdelf/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/completion.exe
16681 ?   Rl   1594:12.00 /scratch/vol0/vax-netbsd-upstream/obj/gcc/vax-netbsdelf/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/arrive_and_drop.exe (arrive_and_drop.)
18113 ?   Rl   1566:02.00 /scratch/vol0/vax-netbsd-upstream/obj/gcc/vax-netbsdelf/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/arrive_and_wait.exe (arrive_and_wait.)
28671 ?   Rl   1646:19.00 /scratch/vol0/vax-netbsd-upstream/obj/gcc/vax-netbsdelf/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/arrive.exe
28940 ?   R    5111:20.00 /scratch/vol0/vax-netbsd-upstream/obj/gcc/vax-netbsdelf/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/chi2_q_uniform_random.exe (chi2_q_uniform_r)

Consequently the poor VAXstation hardly crawled at the conclusion of the 
testsuites, which I think makes it vital that these hangs are investigated 
and the cause of the problem (miscompilation possibly) found and addressed 
as a matter of priority if we want to be able to reliably run unattended 
GCC verification of the VAX/NetBSD configuration.

 Overall in this setup testing has taken almost 7.5 days to complete 
according to time(1):

12704.08user 3082.34system 178:35:26elapsed 2%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 810176maxresident)k
1080inputs+54117376outputs (2828major+227296875minor)pagefaults 0swaps

 NB I have a local copy of all e-mail I received up to Oct 25th and some 
e-mail (incoming and outgoing messages that I moved to monthly archives) 
up to Nov 30th.  I was told a partial backup had been made before the site 
failure, so some of this stuff may be recoverable in the future.


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