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Re: simh 64 bit revisited

Since we've got so much VAX activity, I again wonder if anyone has figured out why compiling simh (latest) on 64 bit machines results in a network interface which can send packets but doesn't recognize incoming packets.

bpf can't hear packet sent to its own address so if you are expecting local loopback then your expectations are wrong.

No, I know about that, and I even gave the machine I'm using most often a couple of extra USB-ethernet devices so that the simh instances can have their own interfaces. It works fine with 32 bit compiled binaries, but not with 64 bit. I've tried this under Mac OS X and under NetBSD.

From Jochen Kunz <jkunz%unixag-kl.fh-kl.de@localhost>:

Big endian, litle endian or both?

Both. I've tried 32 bit PowerPC (NetBSD and Mac OS X), 32 bit x86 (NetBSD and Mac OS X), and all work fine. However, 64 bit (NetBSD and Mac OS X) Intel doesn't work, nor does 64 bit (Mac OS X) PowerPC.

I've read about others having this issue, but nobody (yet) knows how to fix it. I'll try to bang on it and figure it out, but if anyone else has any ideas, do let me know.


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