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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

John Klos wrote:
Good to see some activity on the list. I may have to go up to my shop and
pull the tarp off of my 11/750 all of this vaxen talk has got me thinking
of the good old days.

I might put the dust off an old 11/750 with an RP07 disk and see if
it works with 5.0... :-)

Yes, it's nice to see activity, plus it's nice to have NetBSD 5 working as well as it does.

??? What do you mean "well"? I thing I've said it a number of times by now. It don't. Atleast not on VAXen. And it hasn't been for a year and a half. Except nobody tries to test it, so nobody sees it.

The 86x0 support was broken a while back (I think it was a rototill of the code by Matt Thomas), but the hanging system thing was introduced with the yamt-idlewp import already at 4.99.20 about 18 months ago. NetBSD/vax haven't worked right since.

And then we have the ever present crashes during build.sh when building groff (pic crashes).

So NetBSD 5 is not something I'd try to use on a VAX. :-(


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