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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

> Conclusion
> You have two choices:
> 1) Live together with other people, computers and operating systems.
> 2) Isolate yourself and become a living dinosaur on an isolated iland.

So, check my understanding: what you're saying is that, in your
opinion, NetBSD should no longer bother with supporting legacy hardware
like vax - or, presumably, hp300 or mac68k or anything else not capable
of running whatever you consider essential to being a non-"dinosaur".

Oddly enough, the four things you cited as examples of modernity (ssh,
nfs, IPv6, PGP) all work fine on my 1.4T systems.  Two of them (ssh and
nfs) worked fine on my diskless uV2 last time I ran it; I haven't tried
IPv6 or PGP on it but have no reason to think they wouldn't work as
well on it as on any of my other machines (except slower, because the
VAX is slower, especially when running diskless).

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