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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?


On Wed, 06 Apr 2022 18:35:56 +1000
Matt Wallis <mattw%madmonks.org@localhost> wrote:

> Not sure of the specs of the CG6s, let me know if this helps.
> http://www.madmonks.org/sparc/cg6x2.jpeg

Looks like two slightly different 1MB TGX.
The model numbers are usually on a sticker on the SBus connector, I'm
almost willing to bet that the one on top is a 501-2922 an the other
one looks like a 501-2325.
The models capable of higher resolutions have a Bt467 RAMDAC, all
others have Bt458 like these.

I'd take at least one IPX for sentimental reasons - my first SPARC was
an IPX running NetBSD 1.1 at university - but shipping across the
Pacific is probably too expensive.

We do have people in Australia though, maybe something can be arranged.

have fun

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