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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

On 2022-04-06 13:26, Mouse wrote:

Where are you geographically?  And what flavour of cg6s are they?  If
they can do >1M pixels, and are close enough or are willing to ship, I
may be interested in the cg6s.

Other side of the world mate, other side of the world. AKA Melbourne, Australia.
Not sure of the specs of the CG6s, let me know if this helps.

I canâ??t justify turning them on, thereâ??s nothing they can do that
canâ??t be done better by a Rasperry Pi or clone in 5W, including
most likely running SunOS with qemu-sparc.

Where did you find the SBus interface for the pi?

Hah, I saw someone had apparently made a way to turn a Raspberry Pi into a 68k emulator for an Amiga 500, so, you know, don't rule anything out ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CwVofNogDI PiStorm, turbo boost your Amiga 500


Matt Wallis

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