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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

I have 2 SS2s one is working the other is missing a few things.

I intend to put them back into service in the next couple years, pending available space. Also I'd like to find a Weitek power up (basically an 80Mhz Weitek 8601) if anyone has one. As well as the ram upgrade board for the SS2.

If you can't find a buyer for the IPXs I'd like to at least save the CPUs for one of my SS2s. Shipping to the US shouldn't be too bad just for the CPU If you want to bundle a few things I can forward to other US list members also.

Afaik sun-4 and sun4c are the only *likely* places you'll find Sparc v7.... there are probably a few floating around in space also as Atmel/Microchip TSC695... which is an ERC32 Sparc v7....you used to be able to buy those about 10 years ago. 

Also it probably wouldn't take much to modify the Temlib Sparc v8 into a Sparc v7..... for which there is a mister board port mostly deleting functionality. It might even be a hair faster than original v7 implementations and might be able to support a quad processor v7 (it can only fit 3 v8 implementations but the ALU for a v7 should be much smaller)

Looks like the author has updated and improved the mister port in the last few days! 

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