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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

>> Where are you geographically?  And what flavour of cg6s are they?
>> If they can do >1M pixels, and are close enough or are willing to
>> ship, I may be interested in the cg6s.
> Other side of the world mate, other side of the world.  AKA
> Melbourne, Australia.

That is not _quite_ antipodal to my location, but pretty close (my
antipode is a spot in the Indian Ocean; what map I can find places it a
bit over 1000km southwest of the southwest tip of Australia).
Certainly the other side of the world, yes!  Bummer.  Probably more
expensive than it's worth to ship.  If/when you do let that hardware
go, I hope you find someone local who wants it; I really hate it when
irreplaceable working hardware gets trashed, and those just aren't
being made any more.  (Not a criticism; I've been guilty of doing it
myself on a more occasions than I'd like.)

> Not sure of the specs of the CG6s, let me know if this helps.
> http://www.madmonks.org/sparc/cg6x2.jpeg

Not really; I do not know them well enough to say from that view.  More
useful would be the 501- numbers from the sticker, usually on the SBus
connector, something like 5012922001234.  The first seven digits are
the interesting part (eg, 501-2922 in my example); they are the
hardware model number, with the rest (001234 in my example) apparently
being something more like a serial number.  If it doesn't begin with
501, you've got the wrong number (or it's not Sun hardware, but those
look like real Sun cg6s).

>>> I canâ??t justify turning them on, thereâ??s nothing they can do
>>> that canâ??t be done better by a Rasperry Pi or clone in 5W,
>>> including most likely running SunOS with qemu-sparc.
>> Where did you find the SBus interface for the pi?
> Hah, I saw someone had apparently made a way to turn a Raspberry Pi
> into a 68k emulator for an Amiga 500, so, you know, don't rule
> anything out ;-)

Oh, I don't.  If someone _does_ have an SBus interface for a pi, I want
to know about it!

But, to a retrocomputing enthusiast, running old hardware is a goal in
its own right, and, from that perspective, running an IPX _does_ do
something - something emotional, not technical - that emulation just
can't do.  (My remark was intended to point out that - unless someone
has built an SBus bridge for some other system - an IPX *can* do
something technical emulation can't, namely talking to SBus cards.
Most SBus hardware can be emulated, but not all, especially if it's an
interface to something rare.)

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