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On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Perry E. Metzger wrote:

In fact, Andrew Doran committed a change today to fix the 486DX -- it
had apparently been broken in -current for 9 months... (I don't know
if that breakage was in NetBSD 4 as well, but it may have been, in
which case you might want to test a -current from right now.)


I'm not sure it's 486SX specific - the machine in question is IBM
PS/ValuePoint which I suspect could be the root of evil here. I
could try with some more "normal" 486SX tomorow.


I've searched my storage for another 486SX today and was suprised to find none - only 486DX's and 386's. Only FPU-less 486-class mainboard I could find was a 486DLC one. I tried booting few different kernels on it, and 4.0 boots fine, -current hangs right after bootloader has finished loading the kernel. Both are latest snapshots from ftp.netbsd.org

Vit Herman

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