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Re: Installing NetBSD on Jetson Nano

On 26/01/2022 06:33, Nick Hudson wrote:
On 25/01/2022 09:04, Dan MacDonald wrote:
It seems those u-boot files may not be needed after all.

I tried booting the latest current arm64.img without burning any
u-boot to the sd card but this time with a serial cable attached
and I realised that it does start to boot, it just doesn't bring up
HDMI so I wasn't seeing the boot messages.

I don't get as far as the login prompt tho. I get a kernel panic when
its initiating the PCI it seems:


[more snip]


     pci enum

from the uboot prompt before it loads / runs  efi/boot/bootaa64.efi

I've updated the uboot env for both the t[kx]1s I have with something
similar to this

    bootcmd=pci enum; run distro_bootcmd

This is taken from the tx1


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