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Installing NetBSD on Jetson Nano

I've not been able to find any instructions or confirmation that it is
possible to install NetBSD on the Jetson Nano other than a NetBSD
mailing list post from Jared McNeil saying that I would need to use
the tegra210-p3450-0000.dtb:


I’ve tried the NetBSD 9.2 evbarm-aarch64 image and it wouldn’t boot
for me, likely because it doesn't include the tegra210-p3450-0000.dtb.

Would I need to build NetBSD 10 from source to install it on my Jetson
Nano or are there pre-built NetBSD arm64 images somewhere that do
include the required dtb and u-boot? I don't think the Jetson Nano
supports UEFI.

Recent versions of Jetpack (the reference OS for Jetson devices) and
Armbian let me boot straight from USB 3. Might this also be possible
with NetBSD or will I only be able to boot from MicroSD?


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