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Re: successful boot report

No; both of the CD drives (actually, I think one might have been a DVD
drive) were IDE (or ATAPI, or whatever it's properly called).  Asking
the console to "show dev" listed only two devices (DVA0 and PKA0, I
think they were), but only the same two devices even when I had no
CD/DVD drive at all connected.

Right. ATAPI I should bother to pay more attention to, my ES40 and the DS20 at home both have it. Usually DKxx is scsi disks. EWxx is etherwebs, and PKxx I "think" (Please someone correct me) is the ATA controller
pretending to be scsi? CD's for me are DQxx.

DVxx for me is the floppy drive.

Here's fun:


Another option for future reference is to set up a MOP (maint
operation) boot for VMS or *NIX.

Possibly.  Good point; I'd forgotten about netbooting.

It's handy. All VAX/Alpha/SPIM/InfoServer/DECServer's all talk MOP.

DVA0 might be the network; I tried booting from it, and, whatever it
was, the console said it couldn't open it.  But of course that could
just mean no MOP server responded; it did take long enough that it's
reasonable it was a network no-response timeout.  I think I have some
kind of MOP setup at least partially set up, because at one point I had
a MicroVAX-II running diskless, and I think the only network boot its
ROMs are capable of is MOP.  I do see a /tftpboot/mop containing a
bunch of .SYS files with MAC-address names.  I don't see any mopd
running now, though, so I probably didn't leave it set to start at boot
on the server.

Nifty. Other than the correct image with appropriate MAC in the fname,
you're merstly good to roll with mopd running :)

Nice to see a uVAX-II still being loved and used in anger.


 Al Boyanich
 adb -w -P "world> " -k /dev/meta/galaxy/ksyms /dev/god/brain

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