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Re: successful boot report

> DVA0 would normally be the floppy disk.  Any optical media would
> normally be DQ[AB]0.  Network devices I think would be E*.

Then I guess the network that's in there isn't SRM-compatible.

> Does a 'show config' command show any network device?  Or anything
> that looks like and IDE controller?  I don't seem to have a show
> config from my PC164 anywhere handy to see what it shows.

I don't have that handy; I'll be turning that machine on this evening
and collecting various information.

> If the 164LX is anything like my PC164, it might need an ISACFG
> command if either the IDE or network device is an ISA device.

I _think_ NetBSD sees them as attached via PCI, but that's pretty fuzzy
memory; I'll check that too this evening.

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