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Re: NetBSD 8, non-desktop and desktop uses

nia <> writes:

> Honestly, there is also the matter that I suspect very few people in
> these LTS production environments are following every quartlery
> release closely anyway - there's simply too much instability.

Sure - it's free software and people can do what they want.  But that's
not the question on the table.  The question is only how much angst the
pgksrc community should have that each quarter more software with
difficult dependencies doesn't build on older systems.  I think the
answer is, as a group, very little verging on none.

Anybody is of course free to fix upstreams, and anybody who depends on
various upstreams code running on old operating systems is free to pay
people to fix those upstreams.  Personally, I have dealt with this by
updating my last 8 machine to 9, quite a long time ago.  So other than
the time taken by these discusssions, things not building on 8 does not
cause me any difficulty.

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