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Re: NetBSD 8, non-desktop and desktop uses

VideoMike <> writes:

> Hi Edgar,I am using NetBSD server v8 at several radio stations in the
> uSA for media storage (Samba), pqsql, Apache, etc.  Other versions as
> well.  Some with years of uptime.Mike

Thanks.  The more specific question is:

  - Do you update to recent pkgsrc branches, or do you run 2018-2020
    packages to go with your 2018-2020 base system?

  - If so, do you use the TNF-provided binaries (with pkgin or otherwise)?

  - If so, or if you build your own, do you find that the packages you
    need are present/buildable on recent pkgsrc branches?

The hypothesis remains that there are no people that use NetBSD-8 with
big desktop-type GUI programs that are obtained from TNF builds.  And
therefore that we don't need to care e.g. that firefox might not work in
recent official package sets.

So far nobody has said they actually use those packages with 8 at all.

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