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Re: llvm-14


pin <> writes:

> Hi all,
> I've been trying to update llvm to 14.0.6 with help from @wiz and all relevant package updates have been pushed to wip.
> The following build fine,
> lang/llvm
> lang/libunwind
> lang/libcxxabi
> lang/libcxx
> lang/clang
> devel/include-what-you-use
> devel/lld
> devel/polly
> lang/clang-tools-extra
> parallel/openmp
> Although lang/libcxx needs LLVM_UNWINDER=OFF, it used to be ON but, now fails with
> CMake Warning at benchmarks/CMakeLists.txt:7 (message):
>   The libc++ benchmarks are not available in a standalone build.  Please
>   migrate to an official build as documented in

I have no idea about the problem of cxx_static and unwind.

However the above warning message suggests that we should use
llvm-project-14.0.6.src.tar.xz tarball to build LLVM packages.
I wish we could avoid the problem if llvm-project tarball might be used...

> -- ABI list file not generated for configuration x86_64-unknown-netbsd9.99.99.libcxxabi.v1.stable.exceptions.no_new_in_libcxx, `check-cxx-abilist` will not be available.
> -- Configuring done
> CMake Error at src/CMakeLists.txt:307 (add_dependencies):
>   The dependency target "unwind" of target "cxx_static" does not exist.
> -- Generating done
> CMake Generate step failed.  Build files cannot be regenerated correctly.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> I can't seem to build these two,
> lang/compiler-rt
> devel/lldb
> Please find the errors on the TODO files in wip for the respective packages.
> As is, I don't seem to be able to take this any further :(
> Anyone knows how to fix these issues?
> Thanks!
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