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Re: Starting with pkgsrc on pristine system: update

> Yes, but the question is: why did it crash in the first place? It is not
> supposed to crash when building a package :)

> What kind of crash was it? Kernel panic? System hang?

I don't know why the system crashed, but it's been consistent with go14.

I saw green console messages followed by system hang or reboot.

I know gcc Ada compiler needs Ada compiler to build/bootstrap.

> > I could also go forward without pkglint or the full pkg_developer and see
> > if I can build up a useful system.
> Do you want to use pkgsrc to build packages, or do you want to develop pkgsrc
> itself? If the former, you can do without Go, and indeed without
> pkg_developer.

Good to know, I can just skip this part and figure I won't miss it.

I don't want to install anything that would be a snag on a future run of pkg_rolling-replace.


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