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Re: Starting with pkgsrc on pristine system: update

I think at this point, it is clear that something is messed up with your system.

On Sat, Jun 5, 2021 at 8:58 AM Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> But now there is another problem, on amd64 but possibly not on i386: building meta-pkgs/pkg_developer calls in lang/go14, and building that crashed the system, messed up /home partition.  I had to run fsck_ffs -y, have a lot of lost+found subdirectories.

What? How?

No pkgsrc package should ever touch, much less mess up, the /home
partition. I cannot even imagine how this could happen.

go14 is a very old Go version (the last one written in C, in fact)
that's used for bootstrapping newer versions. Because it is so old, it
has been built a LOT of times over the years. It seems unlikely to me
that it is causing any of the behavior you describe.

> so maybe I could try pkg_developer on i386 NetBSD-9.99.82-i386 installation, and be sure to not have /home mounted when building packages: mount only the minimum: /BETA1 (where pkgsrc tree is, also FreeBSD src, ports and doc trees) and / (root).

Mounting /home should not make a difference.

> UPDATE: Building meta-pkgs/pkg_developer got partly through but crashed the system, I had to run fsck_ffs.  This was for both amd64 and i386.

Again, this is not normal.

> meta-pkgs/pkg_developer did not list go14 as a dependency.

The reason pkg_developer builds go14 is because pkglint is written in
Go. So pkglint depends on go116, which depends on go14.

> Question is now how pervasive lang/go14 is as a dependency through pkgsrc.  Can I still build a productive system with development tools and multimedia, or am I crippled?

If you want to avoid building go14, you can try editing
lang/go/ to make it use the go-bin package for
bootstrapping Go.

What it really sounds like is that you may have defective hardware.


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