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Starting with pkgsrc on pristine system

How does one get started with pkgsrc following a fresh install or update of NetBSD, in this case 9.99.82 both amd64 and i386?

How do I avoid the circular dependency of cwrappers, and the problem of pkg_* tools that the system can't find in /usr/pkg/sbin but are in /usr/sbin?

In a pristine system, there is no /usr/pkg/sbin ; temporary pkg_tools are in /usr/sbin, but "make install" or "make build" insists on /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg* .

I want to avoid any check for vulnerabilities because that is too much of an impediment, it only drives me crazy.

Now I copied /usr/sbin/pkg* to /usr/pkg/sbin and was seemingly successful in building pkg_install but don't know if what I did was kosher.

Running ls -la /usr/pkg/sbin showed that the pkg_tools indeed were replaced.

There needs to be more documentation of getting started on a fresh install with no installed packages.

Actually, because of having made a mess in my installed packages, and switching from modular/pkgsrc X to native X, I moved /usr/pkg to /oldpkg for backup/safekeeping.

Some things in /oldpkg still work, others fail to find a needed shared library.


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