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Re: Starting with pkgsrc on pristine system: update

On Sun, 6 Jun 2021, Thomas Mueller wrote:

I had some applications open, with /home mounted.

So when the system crashed on building go14, /home was not properly dismounted, which can mess up that file system even though building go14 would not do anything on /home partition.

Yes, but the question is: why did it crash in the first place? It is not supposed to crash when building a package :)

What kind of crash was it? Kernel panic? System hang?

If go14 is very old and outdated, why is it used at all, instead of a more current version?

Newer versions of Go are written in Go, so you need a Go compiler to build it. This is similar to Rust, but more relaxed since any Go 1.x version will do, whereas Rust usually needs the second-newest Rust version to compile.

Go 1.4 was the last version that only needed a C compiler. So any newer Go version will build-depend on go14 and use it as a bootstrap compiler. This is similar to many other compilers.

I could try to build lang/gco16.  But isn't go an (optional) part of gcc, therefore not needing to be built separately?

This is a typo, I suppose. Did you mean go116?

There are two compiler implementations for Go, the language:

* The project named "go" with the "gc" compiler, which is what you get when building lang/go116 and similar * The gcc frontend for the Go language, also named gccgo and distributed as part of gcc.

The newest gcc version (11?) should have a working gccgo build for NetBSD. I fixed this together with Maya and some other folks a while ago. We do not have any infrastructure in pkgsrc to use gccgo for building Go code instead of gc.

I looked in various relevant pkgsrc subirectories, and "make show-depends" never showed a dependency on go14.

It is in lang/go/, as I pointed out in my last email.

I could also go forward without pkglint or the full pkg_developer and see if I can build up a useful system.

Do you want to use pkgsrc to build packages, or do you want to develop pkgsrc itself? If the former, you can do without Go, and indeed without pkg_developer.


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