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Re: To remove or not to remove

David Vollenweider <> writes:

> I know ham/chirp is going to be stuck on Python 2 for awhile, not only
> because of GTK2 but also because of the py-serial module it uses.
> Someone reported not being able to install it on Fedora after that
> Linux distro got rid of Python 2.7. The response was that it's going to
> be a major undertaking to rewrite CHIRP for Python 3.x.  See

chirp is actively working on python 3 and has a py3 branch that I think
mostly works.  There is a lot of pain to go around, and I think if
pkgsrc can be slower to kick things out than Debian/Ubuntu/etc. we can
avoid a lot of trouble.

There's no issue with py-serial; I have it built for py38.

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