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To remove or not to remove


Here is a list of packages I would to remove from PkgSrc, preferably within a week or two. If there is an objection, please, let me know.

Kind regards,

databases/postgresql95 - soon is going to reach end-of-life, and we have 5 other versions

lang/nodejs8 - has reached its end-of-life; there are other 3 versions

lang/python36 - more and more packages are incompatible with this version of Python; we have 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 to choose from

security/py-openid - old, no dependencies

security/ipsec-tools - old, no dependencies; quote from upstream: "The development of ipsec-tools has been ABANDONED. 
ipsec-tools has security issues, and you should not use it. Please switch to a secure alternative!"

databases/py-elixir - old, last release 16-11-2009, no dependencies

devel/py-clint - old, last release 25-08-2015, no dependencies

devel/py-cubes - old, last release 04-06-2016, no dependencies

graphics/py-strich - old, last release 06-07-2016, no dependencies, there are better QR code generators

net/bittornado[-gui] - abandoned, there are other bittorrent clients

security/py-ezPyCrypto - 7 years old; no dependencies

textproc/py-cjson - only for Python 2.7; no dependencies

www/py-hstspreload - not needed, used to be needed for py-httpx

www/py-cherrypy17 - Python 2.7 version of www/py-cherrypy

www/py-django-south - no dependencies; now Django includes its own migrations

www/py-django14 - very old; @joerg

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