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Re: To remove or not to remove

On 09/02/2021 09:53, Adam wrote:

Since Python 2.7 has become obsolete, it is more and more difficult to maintain Python packages. Packages are dropping 2.7 support quickly. Many Python updates in PkgSrc are blocked by this fact. IMHO we should move toward dropping Python 2.7 as well. Providing older version just for keeping Python 2.7 compatibility creates a dependency nightmare.

I wish python 2 support could die.

Sadly you are going to have to keep it for a long time unless you can persuade other 3rd party library vendors to upgrade python scripts in their distribution. I think either gtk2 or glib2 has a runtime python2.7 dependency and they have rejected pull requests to update that script to be python 3 compatible! I went looking when I was trying to find out what was still bringing in python 2.7 on my systems. At the time that was the last remaining package for me.

I even ran into a situation with the latest node-gyp package hardcoding python2 only print syntax into its python version testing command recently. And that USED to work with python 3!

Until the linux LTS distributions drop python2 as the default python its going to be a nightmare to get rid of it. Just looked at ubuntu 18 LTS that defaults to python 2.7 and is supported until 2028!


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