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Re: To remove or not to remove

> Sadly you are going to have to keep it for a long time unless you can
> persuade other 3rd party library vendors to upgrade python scripts in
> their distribution. I think either gtk2 or glib2 has a runtime python2.7
> dependency and they have rejected pull requests to update that script to
> be python 3 compatible!

Maybe things have changed since then?
pin@mybox $ pkg_info | grep glib2
glib2-tools-2.66.4  GLib2/gobject python-dependent tools
glib2-2.66.4        Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
pin@mybox $ pkg_info | grep py27
pin@mybox $ please pkgin install gtk2+
calculating dependencies...done.

1 package to install:

0 to refresh, 0 to upgrade, 1 to install
15M to download, 63M to install

proceed ? [Y/n] n

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