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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

24 February 2020, 03:40:01 "Thomas Mueller" <>:

> But I never used toybox. There is busybox, which I first met on Linux Slackware
> installation CDs.

Busybox has worked fine with pkgsrc too, in my builds last year.

> I didn't know Gentoo make was gmake, haven't installed gentoo yet. Does Gentoo have a plain "make"?

They add a symlink. Requiring prefixes would make more sense in fact, gnu and bsd each
add too much to posix make, differently, for such a thing as a usable standard make
subset to exist.

> Software developers who put "#!/bin/bash" in scripts seem unaware of this anarchy.

Endless bikeshedding possibility, eh? (: Hashbangs are trivial to replace with the
REPLACE_BASH or the subst framework as documented in doc/pkgsrc.html though. Placing
any bash path in your script is just a way of warning the user that the script uses
extensions not present in other shells.

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