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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

from Denys Nykula and my previous message:

> On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 04:34:13PM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > > C compiler, kernel headers, libc, bash, coreutils, tar, gzip, findutils, util-linux,
> > > gmake, git, wget with https support. High level language not needed. GCC 5.4 ok,
> > > alternatively LLVM 9 because older versions won't build full desktop or kernel.

> > I might want some more things, like C++ compiler, and cvs to keep up with
> > pkgsrc; bzip2 and xz to extract the distfiles;

> Right, unarchivers need to be in the base system too. I'm used to toybox
> providing them so forgot the need for bunzip2/bzcat in a less embedded
> context. Pkgsrc builds xz from a .bz2 tarball.

> Another person takes care of the compiler I work with, I should've
> mentioned for completeness they provide these binaries alongside it:
> addr2line ar as c++ c++filt cc cpp elfedit gcov gcov-dump gcov-tool
> gprof ld ldd nm objcopy objdump ranlib readelf size strings strip. Some
> of these such as gcov are unlikely to be needed by pkgsrc (and once you
> have bootstrapped you can build a full gcc or llvm suite from the
> inside), but I haven't experimented with minimizing the toolchain.

> Cvs is useful for contributors but you can also git-clone the
> trunk.

> > file, pkg-config, ncurses, m4,
> > or could these be built from pkgsrc?

> Pkgsrc builds these automatically.

> > I believe gmake would be "make" on a Linux system but must be installed as
> > gmake on non-Linux to distinguish from BSD make.

> It's gmake on gentoo, make in other distros. Pkgsrc builds bmake and
> gmake on its own, but I need gmake at an earlier stage for the kernel
> and toybox.

I heard of toybox from working unsuccessfully with buildroot, ptxdist, openwrt, openadk, and possible semi-success with crosstool-ng.

But I never used toybox.  There is busybox, which I first met on Linux Slackware installation CDs.

I believe cvs is the most up-to-date way to keep up with pkgsrc tree, git would be some hours behind.

Git seems to have become the most popular way of maintaining and keeping up with source-code repositories.

NetBSD and OpenBSD both use cvs as their primary version-control.

Using NetBSD to cvs-update something on a Linux partition figures to be dubious, judging from my experience with "git pull", but FreeBSD seems more dependable.

I didn't know Gentoo make was gmake, haven't installed gentoo yet.  Does Gentoo have a plain "make"?

But I am aware that Linux is an anarchy of many different distros, so should not be surprised to see gmake in place of make.  Software developers who put "#!/bin/bash" in scripts seem unaware of this anarchy.


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