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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

On 2020-02-19 23:23, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
How does one get started with pkgsrc on Linux, especially when starting with a minimal Linux?

NetBSD and other BSDs typically have a well-defined base system, but Linux does not usually.

In Linux, everything's a package, including the kernel and util-linux (not in pkgsrc).

You'd need much more than that just to bootstrap pkgsrc, and later there would be the issue of how to upgrade.

Non-rolling-release Linux distros would reinstall rather than update: not a full answer, since somebody somewhere has to build the packages and configuration files.

Try auto-pkgsrc-setup:

It's developed and tested mostly on CentOS-minimal, but I also use it on Darwin and on NetBSD to install additional trees alongside /usr/pkgsrc.

It scrubs the environment to minimize leakage of foreign software into pkgsrc builds and provides startup scripts and env modules to do the same after bootstrapping.

On most Linux distros, it's impossible to hide software installed by the native package manager, since most of them put it in /usr/bin, /usr/lib, etc.  PREFER_PKGSRC and PREFER_NATIVE help with this, and auto-pkgsrc-setup configures them for you.  Beyond that it's up to the pkgsrc packages to tune the build system correctly to prevent leakage.


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