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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

from Denys Nykula:

> 21� February� 2020,� 11:11:56 "Thomas� Mueller"� <>:
> > It would be good to have a more general list.  Perl?  Python?  gcc >= which version?
> C compiler, kernel headers, libc, bash, coreutils, tar, gzip, findutils, util-linux,
> gmake, git, wget with https support. High level language not needed. GCC 5.4 ok,
> alternatively LLVM 9 because older versions won't build full desktop or kernel.

This information should help, and ought to be in the pkgsrc guide. 

I might want some more things, like C++ compiler, and cvs to keep up with pkgsrc; bzip2 and xz to extract the distfiles; file, pkg-config, ncurses, m4, or could these be built from pkgsrc?

I believe gmake would be "make" on a Linux system but must be installed as gmake on non-Linux to distinguish from BSD make.

Git has become a necessity for keeping up with various source trees.

Thanks for hints, and thanks to others who have responded.


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