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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 04:34:13PM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > C compiler, kernel headers, libc, bash, coreutils, tar, gzip, findutils, util-linux,
> > gmake, git, wget with https support. High level language not needed. GCC 5.4 ok,
> > alternatively LLVM 9 because older versions won't build full desktop or kernel.
> I might want some more things, like C++ compiler, and cvs to keep up with
> pkgsrc; bzip2 and xz to extract the distfiles;

Right, unarchivers need to be in the base system too. I'm used to toybox
providing them so forgot the need for bunzip2/bzcat in a less embedded
context. Pkgsrc builds xz from a .bz2 tarball.

Another person takes care of the compiler I work with, I should've
mentioned for completeness they provide these binaries alongside it:
addr2line ar as c++ c++filt cc cpp elfedit gcov gcov-dump gcov-tool
gprof ld ldd nm objcopy objdump ranlib readelf size strings strip. Some
of these such as gcov are unlikely to be needed by pkgsrc (and once you
have bootstrapped you can build a full gcc or llvm suite from the
inside), but I haven't experimented with minimizing the toolchain.

Cvs is useful for contributors but you can also git-clone the trunk.

> file, pkg-config, ncurses, m4,
> or could these be built from pkgsrc?

Pkgsrc builds these automatically.

> I believe gmake would be "make" on a Linux system but must be installed as
> gmake on non-Linux to distinguish from BSD make.

It's gmake on gentoo, make in other distros. Pkgsrc builds bmake and
gmake on its own, but I need gmake at an earlier stage for the kernel
and toybox.

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