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Re: MesaLib and llvm

Let's keep separate:

  What are we doing during the freeze to rapidly get to a stable
  situation that allows building things that depend on MesaLib that may
  or may not have their own issues, and

  what should happen in the glorious future.

It seems clear to me that patching MesaLib to use the version of llvm in
pkgsrc is a good step forward.

It also seems clear to me that adjusting larger-scale aspects of how
MesaLib uses llvm is too much during freeze.  There's no reason we can't
patch now and rototill later.

Also, it seems clear that we should disable the llvm option on Linux.
Those failures look like the Mac ones, not the llvm version mismatch

And, I think we should enable the llvm option only on NetBSD rather than
in general except for a list of operating systems where it's known not
to work.  My reasoning is that we now have or will disable it on OS X,
Linux and SunOS, and I have not reports of the llvm option working
anyplace else.

So Mark, please do go ahead as Thomas said.

And Adam, post freeze, please bring up on tech-pkg what you want to do
about libLLVM and why, and I promise to pay attention then, at least
ernestly reading your arguments about it with Joerg :-). (In all
seriousness, I think both of you understand the issues better than I
do.)  Right now all my NetBSD cycles are going into the freeze.

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