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MesaLib and llvm

On 3/2 MesaLib started to have a build dependency on libLLVM, at least
on i386/x86-64, which has since been amended due to build failures to
"and isn't SunOS or OS X."

On my netbsd-7 amd64 system, it built ok on March 12, with I believe
libLLVM 3.9.1.

On 3/17 libLLVM was updated to 4.0.0, and MesaLib fails to build.  The
symptoms look related to having a new LLVM version:

  CC       gallivm/lp_bld_arit.lo
  In file included from gallivm/lp_bld_arit.c:59:0:
  gallivm/lp_bld_intr.h:63:20: error: unknown type name 'LLVMAttribute'
  LLVMAttribute attr);
  gallivm/lp_bld_arit.c: In function 'lp_build_round_sse41':
  gallivm/lp_bld_arit.c:1719:7: error: implicit declaration of function 'lp_build_intrinsic' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
  res = lp_build_intrinsic(builder, intrinsic,
  gallivm/lp_bld_arit.c:1719:11: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [enabled by default]
  res = lp_build_intrinsic(builder, intrinsic,
  cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
  Makefile:2149: recipe for target 'gallivm/lp_bld_arit.lo' failed
  gmake[3]: *** [gallivm/lp_bld_arit.lo] Error 1

So, I wonder if there's an easy fix to MesaLib (for which we can be
confident that it won't cause problems on other platforms with different
llvm versions).  If not, it seems best to disable the llvm option
entirely for now and revisit post-branch.

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