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Re: MesaLib and llvm writes:

> I think disabling llvm disables graphical acceleration for radeon, so it's
> a pretty expensive choice to make. Perhaps we need to make llvm39 and so forth
> to avoid this problem.
> Previously, an llvm update broke rust, we should probably always do this.

Post freeze, that's an interesting discussion.  I find that it's often a
tough call whether the pain of multiple versions outweighs the pain of

Maybe we just need to not update llvm/clang near the freeze.  In
hindsight, it was too big a change (by definition, since we entered the
freeze with unfixed fallout).  But, I didn't see it coming -- I
thought pkgsrc clang was just for users to use, and didn't realize how
much it was used by other packages.  And I had managed to not absorb the
commit message about MesaLib using it.

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