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Re: MesaLib and llvm

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> And, I think we should enable the llvm option only on NetBSD rather than
> in general except for a list of operating systems where it's known not
> to work.  My reasoning is that we now have or will disable it on OS X,
> Linux and SunOS, and I have not reports of the llvm option working
> anyplace else.

Has anyone built MesaLib on other than NetBSD, Linux, OS X, SunOS with
pkgsrc since the freeze started? Did it actually build?

Maya: what do you think about this?

Pending input, my current view is that the llvm option seems fragile and
that we don't have data about other platforms, we don't have any basis
for thinking it works ok, and thus it should be disabled except on
platforms that have been tested (the list being NetBSD only, currently).

So I'll change the options file to only enable on NetBSD at 0000Z (~11
hours from now) unless someone tells me why I'm confused (which if I
actually am, I will appreciate).

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