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Re: Package to access cell-phone storage?

Paul Goyette <> writes:

> On Fri, 18 Mar 2016, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>> pkgsrc/devel/libmtp should work for Android.  There may or may not also
>>> be a nearly-hidden menu item somewhere on the phone to switch it back to
>>> USB-MSC for umass(4).
>> MTP is the right answer, I think.  I have not figured out if libmtp has
>> a command-line client, or if you need a transfer program that uses the
>> client.
> The DESCR file seems to indicate that it's only a library, but the
> PLIST contains a large number of bin/mtp-* program entries.
> Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any man-pages so it's
> definitely going to take some work to figure out...  :(  (The README
> on their home page refers to these programs as "examples" and clearly
> doesn't intend that they actually be used for "real life" stuff.)

That sounds promising.  Apparently gvfs can use libmtp, too.

>> The point of MTP vs mounting is that the phone can continue to access
>> the fs at the same time.  So you probably should go down that path.
>> Another alternative is to use syncthing, and mirror the entire phone
>> filesystem to your desktop.
> This looks much more "heavy-handed" than just transferring a few
> files, and it looks like it also requires another app on the phone.
> (I don't think I need, or want, to mirror the entire phone filesystem,
> just a few small files, and it's a one-time thing.)

It is, but it works really nicely, and over the net - so you don't need
to plug in USB You run net/syncthing on Unix, and the syncthing android
app on the phone (available from f-droid).  You can set it up to mirror
whatever directories you want, and it syncs either always, or when it
has wifi and power, as you configure it.

But yes, it's a lot for one-time use.  Still, it could be easier.

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