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Re: Package to access cell-phone storage?

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 08:37:27PM +0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
> Back when I had my previous phone (a venerable antique Samsung
> Galaxy 2!) I was able to simply connect the phone to a USB port and
> access the on-phone storage via umass device.
> Unfortunately, there are a few apps that no longer run on such
> classic devices (one that comes to mind immediately is Uber!).  So I
> managed to convince a friend of mine to give me his old Galaxy S4.
> (Yes, I realize that the S4 is still a classic, near-antique model,
> but for a Luddite such as myself, it is "new enough"!)
> Now Uber works, but the phone's storage devices (including the 16GB
> SD card) are not accessible via umass.  NetBSD still sees the phone
> when I attach it:
> Mar 18 20:20:40 pokey /netbsd: ugen0 at uhub2 port 3
> Mar 18 20:20:40 pokey /netbsd: ugen0: SAMSUNG SAMSUNG_Android, rev 2.00/4.00, addr 3
> But it appears only as ugen.
> I'm sure there must be a package somewhere in pkgsrc that can
> connect to this ugen device and transfer files to/from the phone.
> My primary goal would be to get my ssh keys onto the phone so I can
> contine to use the ConnectBot (ssh client) app.
> Any suggestions?

pkgsrc/devel/libmtp should work for Android.  There may or may not also
be a nearly-hidden menu item somewhere on the phone to switch it back to
USB-MSC for umass(4).

	Jonathan Kollasch

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