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Package to access cell-phone storage?

Back when I had my previous phone (a venerable antique Samsung Galaxy 2!) I was able to simply connect the phone to a USB port and access the on-phone storage via umass device.

Unfortunately, there are a few apps that no longer run on such classic devices (one that comes to mind immediately is Uber!). So I managed to convince a friend of mine to give me his old Galaxy S4. (Yes, I realize that the S4 is still a classic, near-antique model, but for a Luddite such as myself, it is "new enough"!)

Now Uber works, but the phone's storage devices (including the 16GB SD card) are not accessible via umass. NetBSD still sees the phone when I attach it:

Mar 18 20:20:40 pokey /netbsd: ugen0 at uhub2 port 3
Mar 18 20:20:40 pokey /netbsd: ugen0: SAMSUNG SAMSUNG_Android, rev 2.00/4.00, addr 3

But it appears only as ugen.

I'm sure there must be a package somewhere in pkgsrc that can connect to this ugen device and transfer files to/from the phone. My primary goal would be to get my ssh keys onto the phone so I can contine to use the ConnectBot (ssh client) app.

Any suggestions?

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