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Re: Package to access cell-phone storage?

On Fri, 18 Mar 2016, Greg Troxel wrote:

pkgsrc/devel/libmtp should work for Android.  There may or may not also
be a nearly-hidden menu item somewhere on the phone to switch it back to
USB-MSC for umass(4).

MTP is the right answer, I think.  I have not figured out if libmtp has
a command-line client, or if you need a transfer program that uses the

The DESCR file seems to indicate that it's only a library, but the PLIST contains a large number of bin/mtp-* program entries. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any man-pages so it's definitely going to take some work to figure out... :( (The README on their home page refers to these programs as "examples" and clearly doesn't intend that they actually be used for "real life" stuff.)

The point of MTP vs mounting is that the phone can continue to access
the fs at the same time.  So you probably should go down that path.

Another alternative is to use syncthing, and mirror the entire phone
filesystem to your desktop.

This looks much more "heavy-handed" than just transferring a few files, and it looks like it also requires another app on the phone. (I don't think I need, or want, to mirror the entire phone filesystem, just a few small files, and it's a one-time thing.)

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